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Bookkeeping services, financial management and other support services for your accounting & finance team

From bookkeeping to management of monthly statements, annual statements,
accounts receivable and payable, and from proposals for improving workflows
to digitization required for achieving efficiency, we provide broad, overall support,
including work skills.

  1. 1. Detailed document checking
  2. 2. Accounting data input
  3. 3. Preparation of monthly reports
  4. 4. Preparation of annual reports
  5. 5. Filing of documents

Payroll calculations, year-end tax adjustment services

Accurate, on-time support is important for payroll calculations and year-end tax
adjustments that must comply with laws and regulations that are revised each year.
We accurately perform tasks on schedule, reduce administrative costs, and hedge
risks in the management of personal information in accordance with the client's
employment situation.

Monthly payrolls
  • ・ Employee attendance administration
  • ・ Payroll calculations
  • ・ Processing of data on resident tax payments and renewals in June
  • ・ Bonus calculations
  • ・ Summary reports of bonus payments
Year-end tax adjustments
  • ・ Preparation of certificates of withholding income tax
  • ・ Preparation of resident tax transfer reports

Outsourcing services for self-management

Outsourcing for self-management provides full support for improving in-house
skills by linking know-how concerning various tasks in the area of outsourcing
and data tabulation, information and analysis to management (tax, finance, labor),
to train and guide respective personnel employed by the client. This is a new form
of outsourcing service that strengthens the client's internal framework rather than
simply performing all tasks ourselves.

Features of outsourcing for self-management and issues it resolves

  • Streamlining and enhancing efficiency of accounting tasks
  • Improving accuracy
  • Enhancing motivation and skills of employees in charge
  • In-house rules and regulations are regularly updated with
    specialized knowledge
  • Supporting accounting division employee training and workplace transfers

Proxy services for social insurance procedures

Our labor and social security attorney provides accurate and efficient support for
annual social insurance and employment insurance related to new recruits and
mid-career workers, retirement, and unscheduled personnel transfers.

  • New employee and retiree procedures
  • Procedures for financial compensation related to illness or injury
  • Updating labor insurance premiums for the next fiscal year
  • Increases or decreases in dependents
  • Procedures for financial benefits related to births and child-rearing
  • Social insurance annual premiums
  • Name changes
  • Procedures for retiring employees
  • Procedures for new social insurance applications by the company
  • Procedures for new labor insurance (labor accident compensation
    insurance, employment insurance) applications by the company

Labor support

Reformulating necessary employment environments and internal rules and regulations
in response to rapidly changing markets. We provide support with skills that have
consolidated high-added-value information, from the formation to the revision of
employment rules and regulations that must respond to changes, from procedures for
joining or leaving the company to consultations concerning employment problems,
and consultations and proposals related to the restructuring or design of wage scales.

  • Support for establishment or revision of work regulations
  • Support for establishment or revision of regulations
    (governing wages, travel allowances, etc.)
  • Consulting and support aimed at resolving labor-related issues

Consultations related to personnel posted overseas, as well as taxes, social insurance and other issues concerning foreign employees

Amid increased overseas postings and recruit of non-Japanese in Japan, we provide
the information required for cross-border employment and support for in-company and
external procedures.

Main areas of consultation

Salaries and social insurance for foreign employees and employees
posted overseas
  • ・ Social Security Agreement (dual participation, total period of pension participation)
  • ・ Lump-sum payment systems for non-Japanese resignations
  • ・ Gross-up (salary) calculations
Tax issues for foreign employees and employees posted overseas
  • ・ Scope of taxable income for non-residents
  • ・ Scope of taxable income for non-permanent residents
  • ・ Tax waivers for people on short-term stays
  • ・ Final tax returns
  • ・ Foreign tax credits
  • ・ Fringe benefits
  • ・ Home leave